Native trees can create a huge difference in your front or back yard. Not only do they create a stunning view and offer increased privacy, native trees are an easy-to-grow, low-maintenance option for homes across Geelong and the surrounding suburbs.

At Geelong Native Plants, we stock a variety of native trees to suit different customer needs. If you’re interested in planting trees that not only look good, but look after the local environment, talk to our experts about your options, including species that flower in summer, autumn, winter and spring, as well as cross-seasonal varieties.

For indigenous trees that flower in spring and summer, consider lightwood wattles, black sheoaks, river red gums, snow gums, moonahs, prickly tea-trees and coast tea-trees.

We also have blackwood wattles, drooping sheoaks and other winter-flowering trees, as well as steady, year-round performers like the silver banksia and kangaroo apple.

As our trees are Geelong natives, they are specifically suited to the local conditions and provide resistance to drought, water-logging, wind, frost, salt and coastal conditions.

If you’re looking for a bit of added privacy for your home or business, our indigenous trees are ideal for hedging or screening – and we have hardy varieties that grow well, requiring little water, even in poor soil.

Our indigenous plants range also features native shrubs. Please contact us for more information.