If you want a simple, fuss-free way to add a spot of colour and texture to your home or commercial garden, our selection of native shrubs are indigenous to Geelong and the surrounding coastal areas – making them a smart choice for time-poor or would-be gardeners.

Native shrubs thrive in the local conditions, displaying resistance to salt, wind, frost and water-logging as well as high drought-tolerance. For a healthy-looking garden year-round, you can’t go past the benefits of indigenous shrubs.

Geelong Native Plants can help you find the best native shrubs for a huge variety of needs and budgets – from perennial herbs like blue devils to the coast bearded heath and other significant plants of the Geelong area. If we don’t currently stock the shrub you prefer, we can order plants for you as required.

Our indigenous plants are tolerant of coastal conditions and we have varieties that thrive in open sun, as well as those suited to moist, shady areas.

Whether you want shrubs for decorative appeal or hedging to add a sense of privacy to your garden, our plants are designed for low-maintenance care and are responsive to pruning and clipping.

We can incorporate a variety of suitable shrubs and native trees as part of our coastal garden design service. Coastal native shrubs available include trigger plants, coast pomaderris, coast daisy bush, silky guinea flower, slender velvet bush and hop bush.

Please contact Geelong Native Plants for more information about our range or advice about choosing native shrubs for your garden.