Native grasses are an easy way to add colour and texture to your home or commercial garden. At Geelong Native Plants, we have a selection of native grasses, well-suited to the local Geelong conditions, as well as tougher coastal conditions.

Generally grasses work best in warmer, dry climates. Many of our native grass variations flower in the spring and summer – including tussock grass, wallaby grass, kangaroo grass and lomandra.

By comparison, sedges and rushes thrive in cooler, damp conditions – making them an ideal choice around ponds, lakes or other water features. Our coastal sword sedge flowers from April through to August and is a popular, tough coastal plant.

Native grasses and sedges produce stunning, colourful flowers, with some providing fruits for that extra splash of colour and point of interest in your garden.

The flax lily is one of the most popular native plants, sporting blue flowers in the warmer months, followed by purple berries. Drought, frost, salt and wind-tolerant properties make this a trusty, low-maintenance option with the added benefit of attracting birds to your garden.

For more information about choosing the best native grasses or sedges for your garden, contact the team at Geelong Native Plants.

We can also help you select other indigenous plants, including native ground covers and indigenous trees.