As one of the leading native nurseries in Geelong and surrounds, Geelong Native Plants stocks a variety of indigenous plants – including native grasses, trees and shrubs for a beautiful, low-maintenance garden. Using native plants in your garden provides a range of environmental, time and cost benefits.

If we don’t stock the plant variety you’re looking for, talk to us about ordering specific shrubs, grasses and trees to suit your needs.

Benefits of using native plants

An indigenous plant is one that originates in a specific area. Our native nursery specialises in indigenous plants originating from the Geelong region. An Australian native plant originates in Australia, but not necessarily in this region. We grow local plants that are already acclimatised to this area.

Native plants require a little water to get going and then nature takes over – meaning no special fertiliser is required for our plants to thrive. Native trees, shrubs and grasses are tolerant to coastal conditions including wind, frost, drought and floods and do not suffer with changes in weather.

Indigenous plants are not only easier to care for than exotic plants sourced from other countries, but provide many benefits for the local environment. They provide natural food and habitat for our native wildlife, which is especially important in areas being developed for intensive housing, including the Warralily and Armstrong Creek developments.

Geelong Native Plants can also provide advice and recommendations about using other Australian native plants and some exotic plants that are not weed-like and suitable for the local climate.

We take pride in providing exceptional customer service, extending to detailed coastal garden designing incorporating organic gardening principals.

Please contact us to find out more about ordering native shrubs, trees and grasses for your garden, including orders for contract growing.